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Paris is Always a Good Idea

So I visited Paris last weekend alone. I repeat – I visited Paris alone. For my birthday. The same week as Valentine’s Day. The most romantic city in the world…


Cheerio London town!

It’s been over a month since I visited London for the first time(I know, this post is BEYOND overdue but I had some technical difficulties with uploading my photos) and…


Quote of the Day

Happy Friday! “I am never happier than when I am alone in a foreign city; It is as if I had become invisible” – Storm Jameson I came across this…


Hello Lisboa – Part 2: Food Guide

So let’s just get to the good stuff shall we? Below I have highlighted some of the restaurants I visited in Lisbon and important information pertaining to each. Like I…


Hello Lisboa – Part 1

What can I say about beautiful Lisbon? From the colorful architecture, the delicious food(particularly seafood), the trams(aka trolleys), the hills that give your glutes an unwanted but necessary workout, and…