Me - fenceWelcome! WONDER//WANDER is a lifestyle website about travel, food, and inspiration.

In the summer of 2015, I quit my job in NYC(I worked in fashion online merchandising and buying) and moved to Spain in hopes of ultimately living a purpose-filled life. Yep, I did my own little Eat Pray Love thing. Since arriving in Spain I realized that I like to do four things more than anything: Eat, write, travel, and take pictures. Repeat.

All that goodness is what you’ll find here on WONDER//WANDER because all of that plays a role in this LIFEstyle of mine in Spain.

The name WONDER//WANDER comes from my own indecisiveness when I was deciding a name for this website. Both words accurately describe me – I wonder a lot about EVERYTHING and I’m a wanderlustin’ chica. Both are beautiful, mystical words. They are also similar yet different. This is how WONDER//WANDER was born.

I hope you enjoy.