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February 2016


Book of the Moment: Year of Yes

I have to admit that reading more wasn’t really at the very top of my goals to accomplish in 2016. But it has somehow catapulted itself into being the one…


Goodbye 31, Hello 32

My 31st year goes down in the books as one of the best. Right around the time I turned 31, I got promoted at my job and earned the most…


Hello Lisboa – Part 2: Food Guide

So let’s just get to the good stuff shall we? Below I have highlighted some of the restaurants I visited in Lisbon and important information pertaining to each. Like I…


Hello Lisboa – Part 3: Things to Do

Lisbon is a colorful city very reminiscent of San Francisco, CA with it’s many hills, trolleys, it’s close proximity to the coast, and even a bridge, Ponte 25 de Abril(…


The Best American Food in Madrid

  When I first arrived in Spain, much like most auxiliars and ex-pats, I was bombarded with the Spanish tradition and delight that is tapas. Tapas here, tapas there. Tapas…


Hello Lisboa – Part 1

What can I say about beautiful Lisbon? From the colorful architecture, the delicious food(particularly seafood), the trams(aka trolleys), the hills that give your glutes an unwanted but necessary workout, and…